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MODOC - Gravel Bike

A steel bicycle is a classic and in our opinion it is one of the best materials for the production of a unique gravel bike. That's why our KROSS Esker 4.0 gravel bike was created for all those who are looking for something permanent and, above all, stylish. And who also know that bikepacking is not a temporary trend, but a state of mind. The KROSS Esker 4.0 was created to safely and comfortably help you reach your destination.

Away from civilization
When we sat down to design this bike, we set ourselves the goal of creating one that reaches back to the classics, but at the same time one that is not afraid of modern solutions. That's why we chose Cro-Mo steel to build the frame and the fork. This material allows for much better vibration damping. Steel, thanks to its strength and resistance to damage, allowed us to include numerous mounting holes for the water bottle, carrier or panniers. They can be placed almost anywhere on the frame or fork, without fear of damaging the frame, which we painted in a stylish khaki color. To ensure durability of the paint coat, we decided on powder painting.

Proven components
The components, we used the road Shimano Tiagra group in the KROSS ESKER, supplemented with mechanical disc brakes TRP Spyre-C. We also decided to use an FSA Omega crank with external bottom bracket bearings to facilitate maintenance of the drivetrain and to transfer your power to the drivetrain even more efficiently. TRP Spyre-C disc brakes provide a short braking distance, and thanks to the mechanical design of the caliper, no complicated service is needed in the event of a breakdown on the road. As the wheels, we chose 28-inch WTB ASYM rims, which we assembled on Shimano Deore M6000 hubs. The rims are adapted to the tubeless system. The tires are WTB Resolute with the width of 42 millimeters. A WTB Sport Volt saddle guarantees a comfortable ride.

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