bicycle repair shop, bicycle mechanic

ordinary maintenance (zero emissions)

Whether it's a tube change, tire or brake replacement or any adjustment, we will perform it with passion as if it were for our bicycle. Contact our workshop for the routine maintenance of your bike and travel safely.

For all workshop work, as well as for rental and sale, the delivery and collection service is available at your home.

The delivery service is carried out with zero emissions.

bicycle mechanic, bicycle repair shop.

we repair any vehicle (or almost!)

scooter? bicycle? e-bike? cargo bike? rickshaw? NO PROBLEM! we solve mechanical and electronic problems on any muscle or pedal assisted velocipede, we install only top quality products and supply them at the best price on the market.

Contact our workshop for a quote, with us the bill has no surprises.

bike tuning | bicycle repair shop | bicycle mechanic

bike tuning

your vehicle does not satisfy you? or is the current a little "abundant" and you want to put it back in code? the handlebar is not as comfortable as you expected? We carry out modifications of any kind, from installing the speed sensor to completely replacing the on-board electronics, including replacing the batteries. All components are installed with a 24 month warranty

We build motorized wheels with high torque motors specific for Genoese up and down.

We also carry out electrification of bicycles, rickshaws, cargo bikes and non-electric scooters, with central or rear engine.

bike tuning | bicycle repair shop | bicycle mechanic | manutenzione bici | officina riparazione bic

after-sales service

Here you will find an accurate after-sales service that will allow you to pedal always in peace knowing that there are professionals who know your bicycle thoroughly.

We assemble original spare parts for the following brands:
Atala, Bergamont, Gboard, Italwin, Ducati, Trilix, Ruff Cycles, Bosch, Wayel, Yuba.

bike tuning | bicycle repair shop | bicycle mechanic | manutenzione bici | officina riparazione bic

Tua solo tua

have you got a project for a custom e-bike in mind?

Would you like a bike like no other?
contact us, we can help you make your dream come true!

We make customized bikes and prototypes on your request.

We put our experience at your disposal for the creation of vehicles for special needs.

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