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Yuba, Yubabikes, Mundo, Komby Spicycurry, Family bike, Cargo Bike, Delivery

Yuba Cargo Bikes

My family and I love to ride bikes. We also love to make bikes, and for us they are tools AND toys. If I try to put my sleepy, cranky toddler son in a carseat after a long day, the poor little guy howls. But when I put him on the back of a Yuba, he grins every time. We love being outdoors, living a healthy lifestyle, and waving at the neighbors as we pass. The best part of being the founder of Yuba is the moment when I see a family ride a new bike home from the bike shop, on their way to new adventures. When moms tell me they feel safe picking their child up from school and stopping on the way home for groceries, smiling the whole way…that’s when I know I’ve done my job well. Because I know as well as anyone that even us parents love to have fun, be outside, and share new experiences and adventures. I say, let’s bring the kids along!

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Italwin, Wayel, e-bike, city bike, e-scooter, e-mobility, made in italy, bologna

Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici

FIVE is today the benchmark for light electric mobility, thanks to the excellence of its brands, the amplitude and depth of its range of electric bikes: these ones are designed and manufactured following high design standards, created to meet any urban needs.

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Ducati, ebike, monopattino, madeinitaly, ducati scrabler, ducati corse


Urban travel is a particularly topical issue and sustainable transport is a growing trend.

Ducati meets these new market needs by signing a license agreement with M.T. Distribution S.r.l., an Italian company already present in the sector for over 40 years, for the development and distribution of different models including folding e-bikes and electric scooters.

The proposal is divided into three brands Ducati, Ducati Corse and Scrambler Ducati and is designed for those who want to move around the city with style and originality.

During the development of the products, special attention was paid to the design, curated by the Ducati Design Centre: the result is an innovative collection with an attractive design.

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e-bike, folding bike, bici pieghevole, commuter, city bike, urban commuting, trapsorto multimodale,

Moto Parilla Trilix

Mid drive motor with torque sensor.
High density battery.
Range 120 km/75 mph.
High quality monoshock fork.
High efficiency seat post.
Unique ever-evolving accessories.
3 gears internal gear hub.
16” Plus or the 20” x 2,00 tires.

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GreenBoard: Move green, Move fast with Gboard scooters Electric scooters and kick scooters GreenBo

GreenBoard: Move green, Move fast with Gboard scooters

Electric scooters and kick scooters
GreenBoard stand for an innovative way of transportation. We design and realise electric scooter and push scooter.
Gboard invented the concept of SUS (Sport Utility Scooter) by designing and building the GreenBoards, both electric and muscle-powered scooters, which can be used in an infinite number of sports activities and with great safety even in the city. All the models produced, from the largest of the X family, to those of the Young family, to the smallest and most foldable of the Zeta family, are SUS, that is, Sport Utility Scooters.

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Bosch, minibike, seventies, e-bike offroad, fat bike

Ruff Cycles


It’s gonna get wild! The LIL’BUDDY is our homage to the crazy bicycles and minibikes of the seventies, that were widely popular due to their extreme level of fun.

Get close to this bike, its your best friend, homie and bro – all in one!

It does not judge you, no matter if you take it offroad, to the urban city or on a date.

Where ever you go, the Lil’Buddy will stick to your side and make sure you will never forget your ride.

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made in italy, cicli, grave, mtb, bici da bambino, e-bike,

Cicli 2WD

CICLI 2WD è un marchio nato da qualche anno, ma dietro di lui c'è una grande storia ed esperienza.
Tutto inizia da Maurizio Cendron, imprenditore e abile commerciante che sin dalla tenera età si appassiona al ciclismo.

L’azienda mira al soddisfacimento delle richieste dei propri clienti e offre un ampio range di accessori per biciclette, puntando in continuazione ad evolversi e ricercando le novità nel mercato. Gli articoli proposti spaziano dalle selle alle manopole, dalle guarniture al manubrio, dai telai alle ruote, dai prodotti per la pulizia alle borse, dalle coperture ai seggiolini,.. .
L’attività più amata dall’ azienda però consiste nella produzione di biciclette: city bike, mountain bike, fixed, gravel bike, pedalata assistita, baby bike, e qualche bici da corsa.

Propone modelli standard, realizzati seguendo una linea conforme ai gusti oggettivi, ma il suo punto di forza è quello di permettere la personalizzazione della bicicletta in modo tale da accontentare ogni singolo soggetto.

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Bergamont Bikes

With our products we make a relevant contribution towards a more sustainable type of mobility. We are taking up the big cultural and structural challanges of our time and we firmly believe that cycling is key to the freedom of mobility and to personal fulfilment.

We live in a world were your personal time and space are part of your most valuable commodities. We passionately fight for more personal time. We believe in a fulfilling “mytime” in the saddle because every single second on a bicycle is a second won in lifetime.

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Atala, Whistle, e-bike, made in italy, MTB, Full souspended


Atala has devoted itself to in-depht studies of the eBike world since 2008, developing the integration between electrical kit, high level components and design with a common goal: satisfy all users needs..

Atala's Research and Development department, in collaboration with the main kit supplier leaders, has developed two mid-engined kits, AM 80 and AM 80 Agile and EcoLogic, the hub motor range.
Daring is therefore the key word for Atala: proposing innovations, breaking the mold, respecting the strong tradition that distinguishes us

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